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Q:What is the status of my order?

Order processing time is 1-3 business days. Please allow additional days for delivery.

If your order has still not been received outside this timeframe, contact us and we will gladly provide an update on status.

Q:I did not receive a confirmation/shipping notification.

Our website sends an auto-generated confirmation email when an order is placed and a shipment notification with tracking information when an order has shipped. Sometimes those emails end up in the SPAM folders. If you are not able to find it there contact us and we can confirm your order and/or shipping status.

Q:The tracking says my package was delivered; however, I have not received it.

Please contact your carrier directly. In most cases they can locate the package and deliver it. Allow them 48 hours to investigate and resolve and if they are not able to resolve please contact us.

Q:My tracking number says "Pending".

Please contact us and we will investigate the status on our end.

Q:I received part of my order but not all the items.

When there are multiple items on an order, individual packages ship separately but are listed under a master tracking number. Delivery dates for individual items should be provided on our carrier site.